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Brand: Mererke_Pretty
Item form: Eyelid
Product benefits: Cleanser,Cleansing
Skin tone: All
Skin type: Sensitive

Mererke_Pretty Lash Shampoo Very Gentle, Lightweight And Oil Free Formula , Great Eye Make Up Remover Foaming Cleanser For Eyelash Extensions .And It Is The Most Effective Way To Keep Your Lashes Perfectly Cleansed, Hydrated, And Moisturized Without Affecting The Adhesive Bonds.Our Premium Kit Include A 50Ml Foaming Lash Shampoo And A Cleansing Brush.
Salon Use For Your Customers The Eyelash Shampoo Effectively Remove Oil And Dirt Build-Up On Lashes, Lid Margins, And Under-Eye Area.Use This Eyelash Cleaner To Prepare The Customer'S Natural Eyelashes Before Applying The Extender To Achieve Better Adhesion And Thus Extend The Retention Time.
Perfect For Home Use Effectively Cleans Natural Lashes, Being Safe For Make Up Remover And Lash Wash Before And After Applying Professional Lash Adhesive To Help Longer Eyelash Extensions Life And Better Mascara Look.
Natural And Safe Our Specially Formulated Foaming Cleanser Use Gently On Eyelids And Produced To The Highest Standards. No Ethylene Oxide, No Polyquaternium, No Trimethylglycine, Etc. That Are Usually Found In Other Similar Products.In Case Of Getting The Product Into The Eyes, Wash It Off With Running Water!
Benefit From Eyelash Shampoo This Amazing To Effectively Remove Dirt,Oil And Makeup ,Even Removes Waterproof Eye Makeup To Maintaining Lash And Eyelid Health And To Help Longer Eyelash Extensions Life.Also,It Is Formulated To Have The Same Ph As The Eye To Minimize Irritation.

Eyelash Extension Shampoo 50 ml + Brush - Eyelid Foaming Cleanser - Sensitive P

SKU: B0827RZ29We4t6gfdsdef
GST Included
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