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Referral Services

I am so proud to be able to share the businesses that I am closely working with.  Each individual is a true artist in their own field and they are my go-to for any recommendation requesting their services.


Chein Noir Dezines


0421 215 945



Chein Noir Dezines is a boutique bridal studio specialising in creating one-off gowns for the unique bride-to-be. Through a collaborative design and construction process, our classically trained couturier works with you to create the gown of your dreams, one that will be as unique as you and will never be repeated.

JASTYLE Style Consultancy


Instagram | jastylestyleconsultancy
Contact | +61 0487 170 640
Email | jastyle.stylist@gmail.com


Fashion is in my blood. My mother was a fashion designer, and I remember being
surrounded by beautifully dressed people, playing with fabric scraps on the floor in
her studio. I even remember the first outfit that I designed and made for my teddy
bear when I was about five years old. I still have that teddy and the outfit I made! I
started designing, making and selling outfits to my fellow schoolmates from the age
of 14 and my first public parade was when I was 17 where I dressed all the
contestants in a beauty pageant “The Miss Personality Quest”. From these early
beginnings I have maintained an involvement in, and an absolute passion for,
fashion and styling throughout all of my life.
I love working directly with clients and go above and beyond to help each person feel
special and embrace their uniqueness and empower them to find just the items,
knowledge and confidence they are looking for. I am extremely experienced in
personal shopping, styling and wardrobe creation. I have worked with international
magazines, such as Vogue and Vogue Italia, from Christian pop-singers and other
singers and bands signed to Sony music, wedding parties both on the bride and
grooms side, to personal styling of house husbands and wives needing to rebuild
their wardrobes, be it professional or personal, Regardless of whom I work with - time
and again I am constantly thanked for  providing the ultimate experience and for
each and every client. Always infused with a huge element of fun making it an
incredibly enjoyable one!

Whately Studio


(08) 6558 1839

Being visible whether its through your own personal socials or your business socials has taken the world by storm. No matter what your promoting it could be a service or product being transparent
with your viewers/followers is absolutely important, they need to know the face the person the personality behind the idea/dream of the service or product. By then when they know who you are
the more they have confidence in using you.

Hi, I’m Jasmin from Whately Studios, my role for your business is to capture you! Your Passions, your experiences, your personality! My goal as a your photographer is to help you see your own
individual beauty. Media these days have influenced people to start comparing themselves to others leaving themselves to feel less then who they actually are. I created Whately Studios to help share
our own individual beauty, emotions, passions and personality.


Rosemary Dugan
Re-Shaping your life

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Master every area of your life of health & wellness

Holistic Solutions to fit your time, your lifestyle and your budget


Rosemary Dugan has dedicated her career to holistically helping men and women transform and improve their lives by breaking preconditioned patterns and behaviours. As well as overcome past trauma experiences using proven techniques that deliver a balanced lifestyle of health and wellness.

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