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I am posting this in response to a comment that was left on one of the ads that I currently have running.  The adverts that I have running are targeting a very specific demographic of the female population, a group of women I will be honest that I think are very courageous and daring to set the rules to their own beat.  These women in my opinion are adventurous and should be proud of themselves because we live in a society that is so quick to judge and demoralise women in general. 

My adverts are set to certain criteria, should anyone contain any keywords or interests or view content or any part of these criteria be it on Google, Facebook, Instagram or anything, my posts will automatically pop up in their feed.  Should anyone interact with these adverts, again, My ads will again pop up in their feed.  I do not have any control over this and this is based purely on the criteria set by Meta and my adverts fall in line with the community guidelines stated on Meta.  I know this because it took many multiple attempts to get my ads to work and they were finally approved.  Now, that I have explained how the algorithm for Meta ads work, I shall continue.

To label any women as a wh0re based on their own preference is heart-breaking.  Yes, someone actually referred to women on my ads as wh0rs.  This is NOT acceptable.  Yes we may all have our own set opinions and values in life, but to label any women less than a true form of Beauty and a Queen is SHAMEFUL!

I am very proud to work with every women that I have come across, regardless of gender preference, career choice, name, ethnicity, relationship choices, mental health, trans, sex, LGBTQ   or anything.  

Every women deserves to hold their head up high without added stigma, demoralising hatred or judgement.  For any women that sees this ad or any future post that I will proudly share, I will respect your choices, I will respect you.  I will remind you that you are a Queen, I will remind you that you are a true form of beauty without judgement or ridicule.  

We should be celebrating and encouraging each other to be our unique selves, what ever that may be.  Without horrendous name calling.

I am not religious, I am spiritual but I was brought up learning about religious values in accordance with the Bible, I believe that there is a reference to, 'let the one without sin be the first to cast a stone'.  I am happy for any of my religious viewers to verse me correctly on this one please.

We should be uniting and supporting each other because we, as women, live in a world that is already filled with set expectations, dogmatic stigmas and cruel cruel judgements.  We should be supporting each other, because we do not know what someone is going through, what someone has been through, the reasons for their choices, nor do we know that the women in front of us is standing tall because she is victorious or barely hanging on to any grasp of life and is hoping, just for one minute more, that she wont fall apart.  

To any women that sees my page, My personal page, my social media, my art, I want you to know that this is made from a place of love, beauty, encouragement, celebration and growth, where makeup and hair is just the beginning to showing you what and who you can be and who you gloriously are.  A true gift!

Beauty is my vessel to share with the world, how I see the world.   There is not one women that I have ever come across that has not apologised for any part of themselves, every single women has been ashamed of some aspect of themselves.  Every single women has had the echoes of shame ridicule them into feeling less than incredible.  

 My content is not pornographic, nor is it designed to humiliate, instead, and I can guarantee you, that many will back me on this, my content is designed to celebrate.  I am here to remind you, in the only way that I can. 


If you find the content of my work to be distasteful, then please, send me a message voicing your concern, add a few things that you would love to see.  I want my content to be of value to you, so I welcome any and all feedback.  I will address these and thank you for an opportunity to grow and learn.

However.  I will state and be very clear on this.  That under no circumstance, will any Queen or Goddess on my page or feed or ads or anything that is associated with Bronwyn Lunderstedt, to be called or labelled vulgar name calling, shameful targeting, or worse.  This is NOT acceptable and will NOT be tolerated in any shape of form. 

Again, every women that I have, will have the honour to work with or follows my name, is to be celebrated and revered as a true Goddess, a True Queen.  I am choosing to use my opportunity as more than just here is makeup and hair,  I am choosing and will continue to stand by this, I am showing the world how incredible that we are and can be.  

I work with a very diverse market, and that I can proudly and loudly say that I am EXTREMELY proud of.   This has saddened my heart to have to say this, I have written these words with tears in my eyes and a fire in my belly of anger that any women or man is so quick to spit harsh vulgarities.  I am sure, that this came from a place of hurt, and I do hope that you can find peace in your heart and the ability to see the beauty this lifetime has given to us.

You are a Queen, a #Goddess, you are beauty.

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